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      Balaram Pondering Over Krishna’s Amazing Deeds
Balaram Pondering Over Krishna's Amazing Deeds

Balaram Pondering Over Krishna’s Amazing Deeds

“When Brahma stole the cowherd boys and calves, Krishna had a plan when He expanded himself as all of them. However, He didn’t want Balarama to know that He was doing this, because He thought that Balarama would feel such great separation from His close friends, such as Shridham. Yoga Maya therefore acted in such a way to serve Krishna’s purpose, including by covering Lord Balarama.

It took Him almost a whole year before He started scratching, wondering why all the cows were running to their calves with apparently greater affection; and all the cowherd men were running to the cowherd boys also with apparently greater affection.

Then Balarama started to notice that the cows were running to older calves who were no longer even taking milk from them. And although many new calves had appeared over the course of the past year, the cows were showing a more intense desire towards the older calves than the newer ones. Then He started to think, “This must be the power of My brother’s illusory potency, Yoga Maya.””
[The Nectar of Lockdown, Volume 1]