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      Krishna with His Friends

Krishna with His Friends

“Sometimes the honeybees in Vrndavana became so mad with ecstasy that they closed their eyes and began to sing. Lord Krishna, moving along the forest path with His cowherd boyfriends and Baladeva, would then respond to the bees by imitating their singing while His friends sang about His pastimes. Sometimes Lord Krishna would imitate the chattering of a parrot, sometimes, with a sweet voice, the call of a cuckoo, and sometimes the cooing of swans. Sometimes He vigorously imitated the dancing of a peacock, making His cowherd boyfriends laugh. Sometimes, with a voice as deep as the rumbling of clouds, He would call out with great affection the names of the animals who had wandered far from the herd, thus enchanting the cows and the cowherd boys.”
[Shrimad Bhagavatam 10.15.10-12]