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      Sleeping Baby Krishna
Sleeping baby Krishna

Sleeping Baby Krishna

“After feeding her son, Yasoda gazed affectionately at Him in wonder. She saw her child’s body as made of dazzling blue sapphires. His mouth resembled a red bimba fruit and His hands and feet looked like exquisite rubies. Krishna’s nails shone like precious gems. In this way, Yasoda thought her child was completely made of jewels. Then she perceived that His naturally reddish lips looked like bandhuka flowers, His hands and feet resembled Java flowers, His nails looked like mallika flowers. Yasoda then thought, “Krishna’s whole body seems to be made of blue lotus flowers. He does not appear to be mine.” After thus deliberating within herself Yasoda became stunned in amazement.”
[Chapter 2, Ananda Vrindavan Champu by Srila Kavi Karnapur]